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Discover seamless gas and electric meter installations with Energy Meter Registrations.

Our experts ensure efficient and compliant connections, whether you need a commercial gas meter or electric installation.

From small businesses to large industrial sites, we’ve got your meter needs covered.

Electricity Meter Connections

We offer seamless electricity connection services for businesses of all sizes across the UK. Our reputation for innovation, technical excellence, and strict adherence to safety standards speaks for itself.

We manage connections of all sizes smoothly, from planning to activation. Reach out to us today for personalized, no-cost advice.

Gas Meter Connections

We offer a smooth gas connection service for businesses throughout the UK, known for our innovation, technical excellence, and strict adherence to safety standards. Whether you’re a housing developer, business owner, or commercial property owner, we can assist with network connections, commercial gas meter installations, and energy supply contracts.

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Single Phase

For a small business premises with low electrical usage, a single-phase installation will often suffice, as it’s unlikely to draw much current through the mains.

Three Phase

A 3-phase power supply is essential for large-scale businesses with substantial electrical demands. This type of supply offers several advantages, including the use of smaller, cost-effective wiring and lower voltages, resulting in enhanced safety and operational efficiency within commercial settings.

When you opt for a 3-phase meter installation, you gain the capability to measure electrical consumption in Kilowatts per Hour (kWh). Typically, a 3-phase supply is equipped with up to three meters or a single, larger meter, with cables wired directly into it. Given their higher capacity compared to single-phase meters, 3-phase electricity meters are ideally suited for large-scale commercial buildings.

Half Hourly

Half-hourly meters are typically installed in larger businesses or electricity-intensive industries that have substantial power consumption. Whether you require a straightforward solution or more personalized guidance, our services are tailored to your needs.

Temporary Generators

Temporary power is a critical requirement for construction and building projects. It is typically used for shorter durations, usually up to a year. If the need extends beyond a year, a permanent connection becomes necessary. In the final stages of a project, a short extension cable suffices.

Temporary power for builders is metered and can be either single-phase (30/32A) for housing or small commercial projects, or three-phase (60/63A) for extensive commercial or industrial construction sites.